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Last Seed - FeelsBHaddMan Edits


TESIV Oblivion

by FeelsBHaddMan

My own personal edits I've made to the Wabbajack Auto-Installer TES4 Oblivion Modlist: Last Seed. To see the mods added, [Ctrl + f] for "[NoDelete]." For Wabbajack, this prefix tag in the mod name has Wabbajack ignore the mod when updating the modlist.

Created 21 days ago

Updated 6 days ago



TESV Skyrim SE

by Lulzed

A comprehensive modlist that focuses on bringing the gameplay of Skyrim to the modern age, without compromising on the original vision. Meticulously balanced and full of handpicked content, new gear, spells, and quest mods that are designed to integrate seamlessly into the game.

Created 25 days ago

Updated 25 days ago



TESV Skyrim SE

by mfvicli

Refer to the excel doc for a full list of the movesets I am using. Refer to the discord server for any discussion on the list.

Created 30 days ago

Updated 30 days ago

The Artisan Witch Playthrough

Stardew Valley

by jameselena197

There are a series of Optionals that can be enabled later during the playthrough, or to fix issues and bugs. Most of these contain some capacity for cheating or making the game easier. For the same reason, mods such as Automate, the Tractor Mod and mods for Multiple Spouses are disabled until needed...

Created 30 days ago

Updated 29 days ago

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