Upload Files
Format is #.#.# with optional -alpha or -beta suffix, and # is any number.
Optional link for the site the list is hosted at.
Optional link for the Discord Server any commmunity/support is at.
Optional link for the README for the list.
Defaults to 24 hours for Anonymous, Permanent for logged in accounts.
It's recommended to copy the files you want to upload to a single folder, then choose them all from that folder.
Private lists will not appear on the Browse Lists page, but can be viewed directly with the link, or from Your Lists if uploading with an account.
Valid Files
  • enblocal.ini
  • enbseries.ini
  • fallout.ini
  • falloutprefs.ini
  • fallout4.ini
  • fallout4custom.ini
  • fallout4prefs.ini
  • falloutcustom.ini
  • geckcustom.ini
  • geckprefs.ini
  • loadorder.txt
  • mge.ini
  • modlist.txt
  • morrowind.ini
  • mwse-version.ini
  • oblivion.ini
  • oblivionprefs.ini
  • plugins.txt
  • settings.ini
  • skyrim.ini
  • skyrimcustom.ini
  • skyrimprefs.ini
  • skyrimvr.ini
  • starfield.ini
  • starfieldcustom.ini
  • starfieldprefs.ini