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Heartand for TES IV Oblivion by Sam
Daemon for TES IV Oblivion by Mark12000
Dungeons & Daedra for TES IV Oblivion by Mr New Vegas
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Using Ultimate Leveling and many QOL mods with a little polish. Made using and
I took the TTV guide from Nexus and added and removed a few things to my taste.
Heartland provides a stable and comprehensive graphics overhaul for Oblivion. A fork of Bevilex's fantastic manual guide, the results bring Oblivion close to modern visuals - complete with HD textures, revamped UIs, ENB, shader packages and much more.
Through the Valleys is a lightweight but comprehensive overhaul of Oblivion tailored to provide a stable, high performing, and most importantly fun, vanilla+ experience. The original guide was created by PushTheWinButton, and the Wabbajack version is created and maintained by yours truly.