Nerevar's N'wahs


TESIII Morrowind

by Arby

Created over 1 year ago

Updated about 1 year ago

Nerevar's N'wahs is a modlist focusing more on gameplay with plenty of content and new landmass to mess around in whilst trying to keep it open to as many people who wish to try Morrowind - keeping vanilla graphics so lower end computers can play. You might be thinking, what gameplay changes are there? I'm using Next Generation Combat as our main combat overhaul with the addition of it's 100% hit chance. I'm hoping that people who might not like the vanilla combat of Morrowind might be more willing to give this modlist a chance and dive into this alien world. Along with changes to the levelling system, so instead of the standard levelling your skills to gain points towards levelling I've taken a more Fallout 3 approach with needing experience to level up, spending those points on your skills every level and gaining a perk every other level to gain some additional power!

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