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A visuals-only Wabbajack list with emphasis on consistency based on Skyrim Modding Essentials.
The successor to SMEFT, Skyrim Modding Essentials is a utility list for Wabbajack by Phoenix intended to jumpstart a new mod setup. All required tools and basic mods are included. Toggle "Show Disabled" to see the full list!
Legends of the Frost is Skyrim, but better. Textures are sharper, trees are lusher, weathers are more diverse, and water no longer looks like oil. A collection of around 36GB of mods fixes a plethora of bugs and annoyances in addition to bringing some light improvements to combat and balancing. L...
The mod list and load order for Welcome to Paradise for Fallout 4.
The mod list and load order for The Phoenix Flavour modding guide and Wabbajack list for Skyrim SE.