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Ceejbot's April 2021 modlist


TESV Skyrim SE

by Ceejbot

A modlist built to support a completionist playthrough with an emphasis on gorgeous graphics and immersive experiences. The ENB is Pi-CHO. Framerate is a disaster in Whiterun but okay elsewhere. I make a lot of patches by hand as well as running Synthesis. Not yet updated for the Anniversary Edition...

Created about 3 years ago

Updated over 1 year ago



TESV Skyrim VR

by Crithion

Narsil is an ambitious curated modlist that seeks to overhaul and expand Skyrim VR to make it more balanced, challenging, varied, good looking and most importantly expand the available gameplay options and make the game more immersive while optimizing the performance as much as possible.

Created about 3 years ago

Updated over 2 years ago

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