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Wasteland Prospects


Fallout New Vegas

by Rage

Explore Nevada all over again, with a new and invigorating look on the Wasteland. Explore new areas, meet new friends, take on challenging enemies, and see what New Vegas all is about. Featured as just a New Vegas modlist, you won’t be restricted to a complex setup with TTW, but instead focus your t...

Created 2 months ago

Updated about 2 months ago

Atomic Warfare


Fallout 4

by Rage

Welcome to Atomic Warfare, the last stop you will take into an amazingly modded world of Fallout 4. Experience what Fallout 4 should have been, offering a more immersive and challenging experience to the post-apocalyptic world that is Boston. Discover completely new parts of the world, or encase you...

Created over 1 year ago

Updated 3 months ago

Fable Lore


TESV Skyrim SE

by Rage

An Anniversary Edition based Modlist, with modernizing combat, a survival focus, lore and content expansion, and more than 4 new major DLC-mods to explore. Maintained to be lightweight and performant, this list is perfect for any user looking for an expanded version of Skyrim. Fable Lore is a uni...

Created almost 2 years ago

Updated 7 months ago

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